126 Holidays including extended 5-day weekend holidays in Maharashtra government calendar 2018

The state government of maharashtra released public holidays will precede or succeed weekend holidays which would be Republic Day on 26th January 2018 thus forming a three-day weekend.

The official holiday list of govt. of Maharashtra for the calendar year 2018 indicates 7 instances where an extra holiday either before or after the usual two-day weekend falls.

Due to this lot of people may plan travel & leisure holidays for the upcoming new year 2018 having many holiday weekends.
Also in the month of march april 2018, there is an extended 4-day weekend holidays as office holidays of government falling before and after.

Apart from that employees will find 7 plus extended weekends given they choose to take an official leave for 1 of the days in between. The very longest could be of 5 days incase a worker opts a holiday on 16.8.2018 that is after the Independence Day holiday, that can be joined with the August 17 Parsi new year holiday on Friday thus stretching into the weekend.

Even the festival of Diwali holiday can too extended into 5 days in case a person firms to take a holiday on 9.11.2018 after November 7th and 8th of 2018.

Similarly, the other stretched holidays can be accompanied with leave comprise Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti on October 2 falling on Tuesday, Dussehra falling on October 18th Thursday, Christmas on December 25 on Tuesday and Mahashivratri on February 13th Tuesday. However 2 public holidays goes waste because of falling on Saturdays. Altogether 126 holidays in the new year 2018 including weekends.

Following are the date, day of holidays of maharashtra in 2018

Date Day Festival Name
26.1.2018 Friday Indian Republic Day
27.1.2018 Saturday
28.1.2018 Sunday
17.2.2018 Saturday
18.2.2018 Sunday
19.2.2018 Monday Shivaji Jayanti
02.3.2018 Friday Holi
03.3.2018 Saturday
04.3.2018 Sunday
17.8.2018 Friday Parsi New Year
18.8.2018 Saturday
19.8.2018 Sunday
23.11.2018 Friday Gurunanak Jayanti
24.11.2018 Saturday
25.11.2018 Sunday
29.3.2018 Thursday Mahavir Jayanti
30.3.2018 Friday Good Friday
31.3.2018 Saturday
01.4.2018 Sunday
28.4.2018 Saturday
29.4.2018 Sunday
30.4.2018 Monday Buddha Purnima
01.5.2018 Tuesday Maharashtra Day

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