2018 Solar Lunar Luni-Solar Calendars for Indian States

The calendars are categorized into 3 different across the world users and are:

  • The Solar Calendars are depended on the annual motion of the Sun, that could be either sidereal or tropical. Roman, French, Gregorian calendars are solar calendars where in tropical year is utilized as the year length where as Indian solar calendars practised in the state of Tripura, Haryana, Assam, Bengal, Punjab, Orrisa, Tamil Nadu and Kerala that are sidereal year.
  • The Lunar Calendars is grounded on the monthly cycle of Moon phases or simply synodic month and it is no way connected to the yearly motion of the Sun. Muslims follow Islamic Hjira Calendar which is a pure lunar calendar.
  • The Luni-Solar Calendars are one that accounts both moon and sun motion. The Jews and Babylonian calendars are the best example for luni-solar calendars. In India these calendars used in the state of Bihar, Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Gujrat, Maharastra, Karnataka, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh.

A Century is a period of one hundred years. A Hindu Calendar divides as

  • Savan din is equal to 60 Ghati or 24 Hours
  • Pahar is almost 1/8 of a din or simply three Hours
  • 1 Pal is equal to 1/60 of a ghati or just 24 seconds
  • One Kalpa is nothing but 4.3 x 109 years
  • A Manvantar is 1/14 of a kalpa i.e., 3.08 x 108 years
  • 1 Maha Yuga is 4.32 x 106 years that is 1/71 of a Manvantar
  • A Krata Yuga is equal to 1.73 x 106 years which is 4/10 of a Mahayuga
  • Similarly, 1 Treta Yuga is 1.30 x 106 years (3/10 of a Mahayuga)
  • Dwapar Yuga is that 8.64 x 105 years 2/10th of a Mahayuga
  • Kali Yuga is 4.32 x 105 years (1/10th of a Mahayuga)
Relationships between rasis and solar months
Rasi or Zodiac Number Rasi Sign Name Corresponding Solar Month Tamil Months Name Malayalai Months Name
1 Mesha Vaisakha Chittirai Mesha
2 Vrish Jyaistha Vaikasi Vrisha
3 Mithuna Ashadha Ani Mithuna
4 Karkata Sravana Adi Karkata
5 Simha Bhadra Avani Simha
6 Kanya Asvina Purattasi Kanya
7 Tula Kartika Arppissi Tula
8 Vrischika Agrahayana
Karthigai Vrischika
9 Dhanus Pausha Margali Dhanus
10 Makara Magha Thai Makara
11 Kumbha Phalguna Masi Kumbha
12 Mina Chaitra Panguni Mina

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