Hotels for New Year 2018 in Lakshadweep Islands, Thinnakara, Agatti, Kadmat

The Lakshadweep islands gives few scintillating landscapes and beaches to fly you away from the hustle & bustle of the mainland this new year’s 2018.

For making a new year tour up to Lakshadweep to celebrate Christmas there are operators who sell best New Year Packages. The 2018 New Year vacations for budget partygoers should shell out at least 50000 to 60000 INR per head.

Lakshadweep is called popularly called as Prince of Coral Reefs with lot of thrilling adventures such as deep sea diving, kayaking, yacht sailing, and snorkeling.

Lakshadweep derives from “Lakshadweepa” meaning “one hundred thousand Islands”. Just ten of these are inhabited with others viz Kavaratti, Kalpeni, Bangaram, Agatti, Kadmat, Thinnakara, Minicoy, and Amindivi. All lakshadweep people speak local language Jeseri, Malayalam or Mahl. The best time to visit this place is from October to March. For a non-native person should obtain visa permit to lakshadweep with exception to the Government officials & Armed Force Members and their family.

Foreign tourists should have valid passport & visa for coming to India can go to Agatti, Kadmat & Bangaram Islands with Administration permit.

Agatti Island Beach Resort, Lakshadweep Lama Homestay
Anjan Homestay Langcha Lara Homestay
Bangaram Island Resort Le Karze Holiday Home
Bangaram Tent House Mahabaudha Homestay
Bodh Guest House Maitreya Guest House
Butith Kangri Homestay Moon Light Orchards
Chandrataal Homestay Nimaling Guest House
Coral Beach Cottage Norling Guest House
Dechenling Homestay Norling Homestay
Dhankar Monastery Guest House Nyingma Homestay
Doctor’s Villa Pema Gyalpo Homestay
Fly Zone Homestay Phunchok Gaifel Homestay
Galaxy Guest House Poomon Beach Cottage
Himalayan Mountaineer, Lahual Spiti Sea Shells Beach Resort
Hotel Spiti Heritage Serkong Homestay Kibber
Island Holiday Home Shambala Homestay
Kadmat Beach Resort Shila Peak Homestay
Kasims Home Stay Siddharth Guest House
Kasims Villa Tabo, Lakshadweep
Khangsar Guest House Tanzi Homestay
Kunga Guest House Tashi Ghatsal Holiday Home
Kunphen Sakya Abode Kaza Tashizom Guesthouse Kibber
Kunzum Homestay The Old Monk Kaza
Tkesang Homestay The Red Fox Homestay
Tourist Hut Thiley Homestay
Transition Camp Stay Thinnakara Tent Houses
Zambala Kaza Guesthouse Thinnakkara Island Stay
Zostel Dormitory Tiger Den

PNB List of Holidays for Punjab National Bank for 2018 Calendar

Punjab National Bank in short known as PNB is a punjab state run financial corporation having its HQ in New Delhi. There are about sixty three thousand employees from low to top management level work for this company. Any festival, saturdays, sundays, and other public holidays determined by the government of india and reserve bank of india will form part of Punjab National Bank holidays 2018.

PNB is the 3rd largest commercial Bank in India started in 1895. All the five thousand branch office of pnb bank list of holidays are not the same for the upcoming new year 2018. Each and every town and cities of pnb bank branches has their own regional holidays of pnb list. The Total Assets of the punjab national bank is 82.23 billion dollars. So far nearly seven banks merged with PNB will too apply for the government holidays of punjab national bank.

The eighty million customers of pnb will be informed about the bank holidays in 2018. Thus the transactions and business would not happen on these list of holidays for punjab national bank.

  • Bakrid
  • Buddha Purnima
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti
  • Christmas Day
  • Diwali
  • Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar Birthday
  • Dussehra
  • Eid-ul-azha
  • Ganesh Chathurthi
  • Good Friday
  • Gudi Padwa
  • Guru Nanak Birthday
  • Holi
  • Id-ud-zuha
  • Idul-fitr
  • Independence Day
  • Maha Shivratri
  • Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti
  • Mahavir Jayanti
  • May Day
  • Milad I Sherif
  • Moharrum
  • Neft Holiday In India
  • Parsi New Year
  • Ramzan
  • Republic Day
  • Shree Ram Navmi
  • Vijaya Dasami
  • Vikram Samvat New Year Day


Cheap & Luxury Hotels in Coimbatore for New Year 2018

Annually the New Years eve party are observed on 31.12.2016 following which the new year 2017 will be celebrated on 1st january 2017. The New Years eve party will be held at different Hotels, restaurants, pubs, beach resorts and for which the online ticket booking had been commenced. Following are the list of new year hotels in coimbatore where the new year reservation online counter is open.

Find the cheap hotel deals for upcoming new year to save up to 80%.
The ny hotels in coimbatore will have the best accomodation, amenities at very lowest price. There are No reservation costs. The hotel rooms are fully air conditioned with great quality. Booking Cheap Hotels in Coimbatore is a very good new year party theme.

Grab exclusive online discounts while booking affordable hotel rooms in coimbatore.

The party goers can kickstart their New Year Party with a bash right here in coimbatore. Listed below are the hotel and its address, venue, theme, rates. Right from dinners to selfie there are everything around to look for.

Contact Numbers
Hotels in Coimbatore
Aloft 9677715915
Arcadia 9942246321
Clarion 9943338288
Clarion 9943338288
Le Meridian 4222364343
Rathna Residency 9750964442
Ratna Residency 9791905168
Taj 4226681000
Taj 4226681000
Taj 4226681000
The Bungalow Club 9894692943
The Residency Towers 422241414
The Residency Towers 422241414
The Residency Towers 422241414
The Residency Towers 422241414
Vijay Elanza 9597341011
Vijay Elanza 4224004000

JK Holiday Calendar 2018 for Jammu & Kashmir State Public

Jammu and Kashmir festivals are unique in nature with winter and summer celebrations split. The festive calendar starts with Lohri denoting the end of the cold climate. Young boys & girls observe dance and music for many hours around the bonfire. Holi the festival of color is observed by people of all the communities. Jammu will find big crowd in times of Navratri with pilgrims coming back from Vaishna Devi mandir. Few other festivals celebrated in JK are Guru Ravi Das’s birthday, Mahavir Jayanti, Navroz, I’d, Diwali, and Buddha Jayanti.

The languages spoken here are Kashmiri, Ladakhi, Urdu, and Dogri beside Hindi and Punjabi. The folks of Jammu and Kashmir mainly practice Muslim followed by Hindu religion and a few Sikh, Buddhist among them.

Lohri is one among the most famous festivals in Jammu and Kashmir and other big festivals are Bakra Eid, Muharram, Baisakhi, Bahu Mela fair, Chaitra Chaudash, Purmandal Mela at Purmandal, Jhiri Mela & Navratra Festival.

JK is one such state lies in the Northern India and splits it from the country Pakistan through the Line Of Control. The major exclusive features of the jammu kashmir is the autonomy that has been given to it under Article 370 of the constitution. The capital city of Jammu and Kashmir is Jammu during Winter season, and Srinagar in Summer. The state is fame for its scenic beauty & picturesque place. The Kashmir valley is popular for its pleasant beauty and more Indian cinema had been lensed in this paradise earlier.

Dussehra festival here is a public holiday and bank holiday for the upcoming calendar year 2018. The festival of Muharram is a government holiday in JK but its date may differ slightly. Diwali though may circle may fall between october and november with the change of date.

2018 calendar Holidays in JK
2018 Jammu & Kashmir State Date & Month
1st Navrata
1st Navratra
Amarnath Yatra
Apricot Festival
Bahu Mela
Birthday Of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
Birthday Of Sheikh Mohammad Abdhullah
Birthday Of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah
Buddha Purnima
Chaitre Chaudash
Christmas Day
Eid I Milad Un Nabi
Eid Ul Azha
Eid Ul Fitr
Eld-l-mliad-un-nabi Pbuh
Festivals Of Flowers
Friday Following Eid-i-milad-un-nabi
Galdan Namchot
Gurez Festival
Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Birthday
Guru Hargobind Ji’s Birthday
Guru Nanak Dev’s Birthday
Guru Nanak Dev’s Birthday
Hemis Festival
Independence Day
Jhiri Mela
Karsha Gustor
Ladakh Festival
Losar Celebrations
Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday
Mansar Food And Craft Mela
Martyr’s Day
Matho Nagrang
Monastic Festivals
Navratra Festival
Purmandal Mela
Republic Day
Shab I Qadar
Shikara Festival
Sindhu Darshan Festival
Singhe Kabaab Festival
Spitok Gutor Zanskar
The Yuru Kabgyat
Thiksay Gustor
Tulip Festival
Vaishno Devi
Yuru Kabgyat
Zanskar Festival


2018 Solar Lunar Luni-Solar Calendars for Indian States

The calendars are categorized into 3 different across the world users and are:

  • The Solar Calendars are depended on the annual motion of the Sun, that could be either sidereal or tropical. Roman, French, Gregorian calendars are solar calendars where in tropical year is utilized as the year length where as Indian solar calendars practised in the state of Tripura, Haryana, Assam, Bengal, Punjab, Orrisa, Tamil Nadu and Kerala that are sidereal year.
  • The Lunar Calendars is grounded on the monthly cycle of Moon phases or simply synodic month and it is no way connected to the yearly motion of the Sun. Muslims follow Islamic Hjira Calendar which is a pure lunar calendar.
  • The Luni-Solar Calendars are one that accounts both moon and sun motion. The Jews and Babylonian calendars are the best example for luni-solar calendars. In India these calendars used in the state of Bihar, Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Gujrat, Maharastra, Karnataka, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh.

A Century is a period of one hundred years. A Hindu Calendar divides as

  • Savan din is equal to 60 Ghati or 24 Hours
  • Pahar is almost 1/8 of a din or simply three Hours
  • 1 Pal is equal to 1/60 of a ghati or just 24 seconds
  • One Kalpa is nothing but 4.3 x 109 years
  • A Manvantar is 1/14 of a kalpa i.e., 3.08 x 108 years
  • 1 Maha Yuga is 4.32 x 106 years that is 1/71 of a Manvantar
  • A Krata Yuga is equal to 1.73 x 106 years which is 4/10 of a Mahayuga
  • Similarly, 1 Treta Yuga is 1.30 x 106 years (3/10 of a Mahayuga)
  • Dwapar Yuga is that 8.64 x 105 years 2/10th of a Mahayuga
  • Kali Yuga is 4.32 x 105 years (1/10th of a Mahayuga)
Relationships between rasis and solar months
Rasi or Zodiac Number Rasi Sign Name Corresponding Solar Month Tamil Months Name Malayalai Months Name
1 Mesha Vaisakha Chittirai Mesha
2 Vrish Jyaistha Vaikasi Vrisha
3 Mithuna Ashadha Ani Mithuna
4 Karkata Sravana Adi Karkata
5 Simha Bhadra Avani Simha
6 Kanya Asvina Purattasi Kanya
7 Tula Kartika Arppissi Tula
8 Vrischika Agrahayana
Karthigai Vrischika
9 Dhanus Pausha Margali Dhanus
10 Makara Magha Thai Makara
11 Kumbha Phalguna Masi Kumbha
12 Mina Chaitra Panguni Mina

We will update the following calendar 2018 as soon as we get information on them

  • hindu calendar 2018
  • indian calendar 2018
  • lunar calendar 2018
  • luni-solar calendar 2018
  • malayali rasi calendar 2018
  • moon calendar 2018
  • solar calendar 2018
  • sun calendar 2018
  • tamil rasi calendar 2018

Top 10 Costly New Year Party 2018 in Chennai’s Top 10 5 Star Hotels

Coming 31st December of 2017 this year which is also the last date of the ongoing year chennai people will celebrate as New Years eve to invite the New Year 2018.

For any celebrations which is lavish, luxury requries a large space outdoor and the best are hotels, beach resorts, restaurants in chennai cities. The New Years 2017 eve is to be observed on 31st December 2017, falling on sunday invites the New Year 2018 with Songs, Dance shows, events, parties, and what not.

The star hotels of chennai has spirit in brining the best events from top 10 disc jockeys to host the list of special events and programs for New Years eve party that is scheduled on 31.12.2017 across the importants areas of chennai.

All over the city of chennai one can find new year celebration hotels spread to host the new year 2018 parties. Most chennai hotels new year 2018 party includes drinks, unlimited food, starters, and down to buffets. The new year party participants can dance to the tunes of djs. The new year party ticket price in chennai starts from Rs.2000 and run up to even Rs.2 Lakhs for a night.

  • New Year 2018 Part Events in Grand Chennai GRT Hotels
  • Hyatt Regency Chennai New Year Eve 2017 Party
  • NY 2018 Party ITC Grand Chola Hotel
  • New Year Party 2018 Event in Park Hyatt Chennai
  • Radisson Blu Hotel GRT, Chennai
  • Taj Club House NY Programs of 2017 & 2018
  • The Leela Palace Chennai
  • The Raintree, Anna Salai
  • The Raintree, St. Mary’s Road
  • Trident Chennai

Public Holidays Government Of Tamil Nadu 2017

Public Holidays Government of Tamil Nadu 2017

Now our site had updated the Tamil Nadu public holidays list that approved by the Tamil Nadu Greatest leaders.The Government holidays had created by the Government of india to paid leave from work to celebrate in home.

From below holidays are all school,colleges,offices,banks are closed.The leaves are approved by the government of india.

So peoples please note that your tamil nadu government holidays in local pages.

Date Day Holiday
1-Jan Sun New Year’s Day
14-Jan Sat Pongal
15-Jan Sun Thiruvalluvar Day
16-Jan Mon Uzhavar Thirunal
26-Jan Thu Republic Day
(National Day)
29-Mar Wed Telugu New Year
9-Apr Sun Mahavir Jayanti
14-Apr Fri Good Friday
14-Apr Fri Dr Ambedkar Jayanti
14-Apr Fri Tamil New Year
1-May Mon May Day
26-Jun Mon Ramazan / Idu’l Fitr
(End of Ramadan) *
15-Aug Tue Independence Day
25-Aug Fri Ganesh Chaturthi /
Vinayaka Chaturthi
2-Sep Sat Bakri Id / Idu’l Zuha
(Feast of Sacrifice)
29-Sep Fri Durga Puja / Dussehra
(Maha Navami)
30-Sep Sat Durga Puja / Dussehra
(Vijaya Dashami)
1-Oct Sun Muharram
2-Oct Mon Mahatma Gandhi’s
18-Oct Wed Deepavali
(Festival of Lights)
2-Dec Sat Milad-un-Nabi
(Prophet’s Birthday)
25-Dec Mon Christmas Day