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18 Nov 2017

How New Year 2018 Enters at Times Square, Harbor Bridge, Trafalgar Square & Copa?

This is the right time of the year to come together to celebrate new years eve across the globe. Find the world’s biggest parties for new year celebrated here. New York’s Times Square falls first on the
18 Nov 2017

2018 New Year Parties in Hyderabad To Celebrate

Always the last day of foregoing year encounters to newer beginnings, and it is New Year 2018 this time. The newyear party in Hyderabad, the old city of myriad charms, giving a strong foray into the present
26 Oct 2017

New Year 2018 in India Cities at Top 100 hotels

Partygoers! In just 2 months time, it is for sure that time to bid bye to this year 2017 and call on the new one 2018. The best way to celebrate the recycling calendar to gaze and
7 Oct 2017

Exceptional Lunar (Muslim) Holidays 2018 For Central Government Offices

Following are the Holidays to be observed or celebrated in Central Government Offices during any calendar year. It is generally decided that the holidays mentioned in the Annexure I to this O.M. will be considered in all
13 Apr 2017

Tamil New Year 2017 Special Movies and Programs List in TV Channels

Tamil New Year 2017 Special Movies and Programs List in TV Channels: This year the Tamil New Year 2017 festival is to be celebrated on 14th April 2017, Friday by all the Tamils those who live in