National Holidays 2018 For the State of Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal pradesh festivals are more than an integral part of the socio-cultural event of the people of Arunachal. The arunachal festival calendars are linked with agriculture due to the chief occupation of the people. Every tribe celebrates its own festival all round the 2018 year. Few of the regional festivals are Losar, Boori Boot, Ojiale, Reh, Sanken, Solung, Mopin, Dree, Nechi Dau, Loku, Longte Yullo, Khan, Kshyatsowai, Moi, Nyokum, Si-Donyi and Tamladu. There are even calendar events where animal sacrifices are held during some festivals.

There are eighty two various tribes in Arunachal Pradesh state who celebrate according to their own arunachal pradesh tribal calendar 2018. Many tribes like Monpa, Galo, Adi, Nishi, and Apatani follow their own traditional culture. They have with their own regional or tribal language to speak. There are above 50 tribal languages and are Mishri, Monpa, Aka, Dafla, Adi Gallong, Khamti, Nishi, Wancho & Tagin.

The urban population of arunachal pradesh state speak Hindi as their prominent language. Due to the presence of Assamese, Bengali, Nepali and English the arunachal pradesh government calendars indicate a holiday on their festivals too.

The calendar of festivals in Arunachal Pradesh break into religious, seasonal & socio-cultural festivals spread all round the year. The national holidays of arunachal pradesh includes festivals like Dree, Tamladu, Sangken, Reh, Si-Donyi, Boori Boot, Solung, Lossar, Gomkum gompa, Aran, Mopin, Oriah, Mol and Nyokum.

The Religions in Arunachal Pradesh are hindu, muslim, sikh, christian, buddhist where the celebrations are observed according to the public holidays. Many Arunachal Pradesh tribes generally follow Donyi Polo religions. Hinduism too is the accepted religion here in the state following traditional calendars 2018. Buddhism present here are of the tibetans from Tawang and West Kameng.

In arunachal pradsh the General Holidays are the state Government Holidays or Public Holidays or simply Compulsory holidays when banks, government offices, public private sector, schools, colleges goes on leave.
Arunachal pradesh too have few national holiday like independence day, republic day and so on.
The gazetted holiday of arunachal pradesh for the forthcoming year 2018 is schools, banks, and generally all employers and employees.

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