New Year 2018 Hot Air Balloon Events in Goa

Celebrating new year at goa is always entralling, engaging, and entertaining. And for the upcoming new year 2018 Goa gets us the picture of sun, mud, & blue waters. The new year beach parties at Goa has in store to welcome New Year 2018 goa visitors with Hot Air Balloon ride. If you are fixing a Goan trip with children for the forthcoming new year event 2018 then the Goa Hot Air Balloon Event will have your kids thanking you for giving beautiful memories of a lifetime.

The Hot Balloon rides in Goa will lift you 2500 feet up height in the wonderful Goan space among smoky clouds and blue-beaches when you look down. The breathpicking bird’s eye view gives a ever-remembering experience of the nationside. The Hot Balloon Rides are organized by Goa Tourism in association with Tiger Balloon Safaris. Dos and Donts During Hot Air Ballooning in Goa

The Hot Air Balloon rides are available in two sessions viz. mornings & evenings. The rider can opt his/her own choice to reach accordingly as the Hot Balloon needs 15-30 minutes to inflat.

Sometimes the event of the Hot Air Balloon rides may be delayed or canceled based on the flow of air. However, it is confirmed and communicated at 6 am daily.

The nye hot air balloon ride takes about two hours to experience with first and last 30 minutes are consumed in the process of ballon inflation and deflation.

The riders can take photos and collect souvenirs certificate and pictures signed by their pilots. Get ideas from Pinterest or Instagram on how to take photo from hot air balloon.

Please ensure to wear warm clothing as it may go chill in the mornings.

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