Top 10 Regional Language Calendar 2018 For New Year India

India is big land of fairs & festivals and each month, one or more fair/festival happens. Festivals in India indicate color, gaiety, enthusiasm, prayers & traditional rituals. People arriving to India from abroad are awestruck by the length and multiplicity of festivals and fairs in India. India remembers and commemorate the birthdays and great works of gods, goddesses, hero’s, gurus, prophet’s & saints.

Hindu calendar 2018 is just a gathered term for the different lunisolar calendars traditionally practised in Hinduism. It is an adoption of a similar underlying concept for timekeeping, at the same time differ in their associative emphasis to moon cycle or the sun cycle and the month names.

The Tamil calendar 2018 is only a sidereal calendar utilized in the state of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry apart from the Tamil people in the countries of Mauritius, Malaysia, Singapore, and Sri Lanka. Tamil Nadu farmers use this for cultural, religious & agricultural events. The Tamil calendar is on fact of the classical lunisolar calendar in use in Assam, Manipur, Nepal, West Bengal, Kerala, Odisha, Rajasthan & Punjab.

The Bikrami calendar 2018 otherwise known as Vikrami calendar or Hindu calendar gets its name after king Vikramaditya and commenced in 57 B.C. The Vikrami era or Vikrami-samvat, is famouse as several ancient and medieval era inscriptions use it.

The Bengali or Bangla Calendar or Banggabda is fully a solar calendar available in the Bengal region. An updated version of the calendar is the national & official calendar in the country of Bangladesh and an previous version of the calendar is adapted in the Indian states of West Bengal, Tripura & Assam. The New Year in the Bengali calendar is named as Poyla Boishakh

Malayalam calendar or Kollam Era or Kollavarsham, is a solar & sidereal Hindu calendar traditionally used in the state of Kerala, India. It started in the year 825 CE (Pothu Varsham) at Kollam.

The Buddhist calendar 2018 is a mix of lunisolar calendars majorly used in mainland Southeast Asian nations of Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand and in Sri Lanka as well as the Chinese peoples of Malaysia & Singapore for religious or official events.

Sankranti means ‘sacred changes,’ related to the migration of the Sun from one Rashi/ zodiac in Indian astrology to another. In Hindu calendar there are about twelve Sankranti’s in a year. As per Solar Calendar, practised in most of the southern Indian states, Sankranti denotes the starting of a month. However in few states such as Bengal & Orrisa, which adopts Solar calendar, it states the ceasing of the month.

The 2018 Diwali Calendar will update the succeeding couple of years with subject to change of date due to the moon activity.

Kalnirnay 2018 in Marathi is a calmanac (Calendar +Almanac) announced in India. The almanac offers easy information about the Panchang, holidays, auspicious days, festivals, sunrise and sunset.